A custom site requires custom pricing. However, we can give you ballpark figures based on experience. For example, if you currently have a very basic site with around five pages, and you just want a nice map, contact page, and article blog added, that's around $500. If you have a few dozen pages and pdfs or images to export, we're looking at around $1000. If you also want ways to manage users, more custom images, a newsletter, etc., it can cost $1500+, but that's for a website that would easily run $10,000 elsewhere.

Go ahead and call a big-city custom-design boutique to get a quote. The site you're looking at right now would take a team several months to create and cost you thousands of dollars. Or, if you like, buy into a create-it-yourself version for less, but you will soon realize that web design is not for everyone. Using a freelance web design company, based in the United States, is an economical solution, but it's also the right way of running your business. You have control of the site and content, and you can limit your expenses or upgrade at any time.

Our prices for hosting your site are either $9.99 a month ($100 a year) or $14.99 a month ($150 a year). This depends on if you want us to just manage a website or also manage a user database and email list.

But that's really all there is. We run the updates for our sites under management. You simply add content and edit what you have on the frontend. That means logging in and writing, then clicking a "save" button.

The process is fairly simple, too. You pay for the year or just the first month of hosting (recurring bill), then we get building. When it's done, we send the full bill for the site build, which would have been agreed upon earlier. No hidden fees or extra charges.



While our prices are special from the start, because we want to build relationships and beautiful websites, we do offer a second site for a non-profit at half price. If you have a ministry in need of a site or just want us to give you ownership of your Google+ page, ask us about the half price deal. The second way to make a little extra is through referrals, as we will donate 10% of the design price to your church for a referral site.