Our team is what makes us unique. We are a family that builds websites together.

Brian JaegerBrian Jaeger

Brian has an English degree, a French minor, along with a certificate in Urban Planning and a teaching certificate. He began designing websites to showcase his own writing, as a tool in the classroom, and as an unpaid helper to his wife (who was in charge of the church ministry page). He discovered that a Content Management System was the best way to be able to integrate a lot of content with a cutting-edge design. And he learned how to build sites quickly. You can see a fairly extensive portfolio at PassiveNinja.com. As technology changed, Brian saw the opportunity to start his own business, building mobile-friendly sites for churches and other businesses. The reason Brian decided to reach out to churches was because of his own church's poor experience with a web designer--the church paid nearly $10,000 for a website that took nearly a year to build and was outdated almost immediately. The firm refused to do basic updates and basically stole from the church. Conversely, Brian focuses on quick designs that are simple for the end-user to maintain. Plus, he strives to keep prices way down so that churches can spend the money where it's needed most.

While not building websites, Brian enjoys playing baseball (yes, hardball) in a 28+ league, going for bike rides with the family, and writing.




Lisa JaegerLisa Jaeger

Lisa works part-time for our church. She also works full-time at home. However, she has an Journalism degree with an English teaching certification and a colloquy, so she is well-qualified to not only edit Brian's content on his sites, but also offer layout advice. No production site goes live without Lisa testing it out to make sure she can understand the navigation and the words. Lisa is the best wife any man could hope to have. And the best mom ever.

Lisa also enjoys singing in the church band and exploring the city with her inquisitive kids.




The Kids

Sure, working from home with kids around can be distracting for parents, but it gives both adults and youngsters the opportunity to learn and teach. Our two children love to see the transformation apparent when Daddy updates an old website, but they also offer their suggestions. Often, the simple solution is the one that works best in web design, and kids will let you know if your solution is too complicated. They see professional websites all the time, and they have an eye for what works and what doesn't, but they also know when it's time to leave the room and let the adults get to work.