Have you wanted to support local businesses that you feel you can trust? We've all heard that there's a Lutheran club out there, helping each other out, but how can you join? At Luthernet.org, we decided to start our own list. If we find Lutheran businesses,  we'll add them to the list, but we're going to need your help. Just send an email with a short description and link so that we can list your favorite Lutheran business.


Educabana Educational resources and tutoring
Klein Ceramic Tiles  Master tile installers.
Lutheran Radio Church Service Weekly Lutheran church services. More of an organization than a business, but still people you'd want to get to know.
Luthernet Website design for churches.
Passive Ninja Website design for small businesses or individuals.
Porter's Borders Landscape curbing in Menomonee Falls, WI.
Satisfamily Blog for parents and families that focuses on trying to be satisfied with life.
SitcomLifeLessons Membership-based website that allows users to post lessons they've learned from television.