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While you can see many more examples of our work at, you can also click on the links under this menu in order to see inline frames of recent Lutheran Church websites. These sites were created mostly to update the original, not as brand-new designs. You have the option of just hiring us bring your site into the current decade using all of the content and images already on your site, or you can give us the go-ahead to create a design based on new needs and current trends. When you look at the sites we created below (Page 2), you can see that we embraced design elements from the original website.


Outcome-based Youth Ministry

Outcome-based Youth Ministry

Lutheran Radio Church Service

Lutheran Radio Church Service


Grace Lutheran Elkhart Lake

Grace Lutheran Church Elkhart Lake

Original Website for Grace Lutheran

Grace Lutheran Original Site


Trinity 2

Trinity Lutheran Oshkosh new website

Image of original site - Trinity 2


Immanuel (click the video below)

Image of original site: Immanuel


Christ the Life (click the video below)

Image of original site: Christ the Life


Trinity (click the video below)

Image of original site: Trinity


 Church in Milwaukee (click the video below)

Image of original site Church in Milwaukee

This web design portfolio focuses on Lutheran websites, specifically LCMS. We can also work on your outdated WELS, ELCA, LCMC, or other Lutheran website. We've designed other Christian sites, as well.


Publication Portfolio

Brian and Lisa have also been writers and publishers for many years. Brian and Lisa are selling some of the best education-related resources on TeachersPayTeachers, as well as on Amazon Kindle, but some other examples will be listed on this site. In fact, if you're interested in learning how to publish your work, we are the consultants to ask. Here is a list of publications that represent another aspect of our online portfolio:

Lisa's Portfolio Page


Passive Ninja flyer created by Brian.

Garbage clean-up video produced by Brian.

Satisfamily Website written mostly by Brian, but Lisa is also a contributor. In fact, so are the kids. It's about being happy as a family.

Brian's Behance Design Portfolio - not all websites, but some.

PowerPoint presentation on WWII propaganda by Brian


Letters of Recommendation / Testimonials for Brian

Brian Jaeger Resume on Indeed

Brian Jaeger Resume on Linkedin