For all of our customers who order a new site, we are running an ongoing promotion that entitles you to upgrade a cause of your choice with LutherNet Web Services for half price. The main reason we're doing this is because we know noble causes often run on small budgets, but the only way others learn about those causes is through the internet. We can make running these causes easier while also allowing them to do more to help others. In fact, if you've been considering starting a website for a non-profit run through your church, that qualifies, as well.

The basic rules for the Upgrade a Cause promotion are:

  • The site must be a non-profit or branch of your church. While we are open to a lot of potential sites, it's not meant for building a personal business website.
  • The site price is half off what we would normally charge, which means a basic new site would cost $250. However, upgrading a well-established site with many pages will still come to half off our estimate.
  • You will have to let us know before we complete your first (church) site that you are interested in the Upgrade a Cause promotion. While we can work with you if you think of one later, it's difficult for us to schedule and may not receive the attention it deserves.
  • The site has to be able to be hosted by us at our normal rate, or we have to be able to work on the site with reasonable resources available on the host that has been used. Simply, not all hosts have the newest versions of Apache, PHP, and other components we need.

Our goal is to upgrade as many church and non-profit sites as we can. It's sad when great causes and great churches do not use the tools available to promote what they do. You can help change that. If you run a non-profit, talk to your church about this promotion, If you run a church, talk to a local non-profit about what we can do for both of you. Then, just sit back and let us do what we do best.