Your church members probably don't mind your outdated website, just like they might not mind the outdated crying room or ministry contact list. At least the members who don't care won't mind. And the members who never become members don't mind, either. If you're involved with or work for a church, you have a lot on your plate. The design of the website might seem like something you can wait on. It's not.

The reason nobody mentions the website is because it's not impressive. If the awe-inspiring cathedrals in Europe were designed like office buildings, would we tour them? People who are virtually touring your church for the first time or checking in to see what's going on want to see more than framed boxes. They want to see your vibrant church at its best. And on a mobile device. If you are reading this right now, more than likely your church website needs to be updated, probably in a major way. People aren't talking about it because most of them don't realize how outdated your site has become. However, just because the orange countertops in someone's kitchen still function does not mean that's what makes sense. And just as no one will come into that kitchen and tell the owner how bad the countertops look, most people are not going to tell you that a website redesign is in order. They just won't show up to worship with you or send their kids to your school.