A decade ago, you decided you needed a website, debated it in church, formed a committee, hired a web developer, waited a year, and then got a site that lasted decently for maybe five years. I know from researching church websites that some of you kept that site. Others went through the process again and maybe one more time. And now, Luthernet and other web developers are coming to you and saying your $10,000 website is old and worthless. You might be angry, and you might want to form another committee and have some more debates. The truth is, you just need another site, now.

While you might still be using an organ for music and pews to sit in, you're not using a VHS camera to record church events. Or a Hi-8 or mini-DV. Some of those old cameras were pretty good, and you could probably find a use for them, but you have something new. Websites are the same. It's not about how long it took to make the other site look just right or how many articles you wrote. It's not even about how much you spent. If your website is not responsive or mobile-friendly, it just needs to be made new. Sometimes, this is just a new template and you can save your other hard work. Sometimes, you have to destroy the old and start over, but it does have to be done, and waiting for focus groups, discussions, and fundraisers will not make the website issue go away.

The main issue today is that people are looking for your website on smaller and smaller devices. That will not change. If nothing else, you need a website that will make it possible for users to navigate using their devices. That means a mobile menu. A lot of pages don't look quite right on a mobile device, and that might not be a huge deal, but if a site visitor can't get to any of those other ugly pages, then all you have is the main page. That's actually what some sites will do -- make one scrolling page, even with menu links at the top that just scroll you down. That might even work for your site, but you'd still have to go ahead and get it done.

Go to your past designer and ask. Go to your congregation and ask. Find out if someone can make your site mobile-friendly tomorrow. If they can't, give Luthernet a try.