I have been contacted by pastors and church members who have told me their websites need work, and when I visit the sites, the assessments are totally correct. Then I don't hear anything for a few months, and I know people get busy. But the next contact is often about a committee meeting, which may lead to a recommendation to act in some way. Or it may lead to the formation of another committee in order to research the subject further. That's when everyone tries to one-up the person with the original idea. "We can do this ourselves," some staff members decide. Or, "I have a cousin who does this on the side."


A year later, I might hear from the folks again. They've built a WordPress site no one understands. They've gotten nowhere with those nifty drag-and-drop self-design sites. The cousin is still working on it. The site is worse than it was before the first committee meeting. Not to worry, more meetings will happen to fix it. 

How about this for a change. Just pay me to build your site in a week. You show up to the committee meeting with a site built by me and ready to go, and then tell them you're donating it. Or take a collection of cash in their pockets. Sites by Luthernet really are that affordable and that good. The sites are mobile-friendly and easy to update. That's all you need. I choose colors and photos based on what your old site uses, or you can provide preferences. Be a website superhero at your church by contacting Luthernet today!

Here's a recent example of how we work:

  • A pastor contacted me on Monday. I told him what I could do. He liked the idea and agreed to pay for the initial work to begin (1st year or month of hosting).
  • On Tuesday, I showed up to the church to take some photos. This is not always necessary, but worth asking for if you don't want to deal with finding ones. Plus, it meant I could start working that day on the site, which I did when I got home. I had most of the old site copied to new locations on the new site. 
  • On Wednesday, I ran into a few glitches with being able to allow easy editing, so work slowed a bit, but I got all the photos formatted and menus created.
  • On Thursday, all of the issues had been fixed. The old site content was transferred and formatted. A tutorial video was created.
  • On Friday, the site was ready to be used. The pastor only needed to change the domain nameservers so that it would point to where I built the site. User profiles and contact pages were added, too. And it will all be tested for the links working once the nameservers are changed.
  • On Saturday, we can all rest.
  • On Sunday, the new site is ready for the congregation, going from a forgotten tool to beautiful representation of the church family online.

That pastor got the job done without having to do a lot of research, hire consultants, or wait for volunteers. And the reason is because Luthernet gets the job done.

Here's the transformation of a week.

Grace Lutheran - Elkhart Lake