While I was looking for Lutheran Church websites that need a makeover, I came across yet another tiny site. I get the idea: it's a site that works on any device because it's just so tiny, and it stays that way no matter how big the screen. There are maybe five of these tiny sites in the South Wisconsin District. The one in the video is part of the North Wisconsin District. Unfortunately, they are all new and popping up more often. I say it's unfortunate because instead of trying to bridge the gap between devices, these sites pretty much disregard large screens. I use a 60" monitor (TV) as my home workstation monitor. As you'll see in the video, the entire website filled about 25% of my screen, and there was all kinds of space to resize, but I could not make the tiny site any bigger. Therefore, I could not see the text well, I had to scroll for anything longer than a paragraph, and the images ended up looking like icons.

The site I am using as an example is not a bad website. It is updated, and Google can even see its structure well. The church is large and seems to be youth-centered. It is doing a lot of things right. Maybe it's a preference thing, and maybe I'm old-school because I want to be able to see vibrant photos and read legitimate articles rather than tiny images and snippets of thoughts. If you like the idea of a tiny site for your congregation, the ones I have seen are from Cloversites. Feel free to sign up. They'll charge $1000 and $20 a month. If you like the sites I can make, it's about $1000 and $10 a month.