Not all churches will hire Luthernet. Some will try to use one of the hosted website options like Weebly, WIX, or WordPress. Some will go for the slightly more custom (meaning they own your site) hosted options. However, if your church wants to try to take complete ownership of the new website, then you'll want to find a hosting plan. Head to Google to find one, and you'll get all kinds of ratings and reviews, and each one of those are from people who make money when you sign up, but most of them have not hosted websites with those companies. I've even seen the OWNER of one of the hosting companies repeatedly writing reviews that included his awful service (and yes, I fell into that trap). The fact is that a lot of people make a lot of money off of providing not-so-great hosting. That's why I was pleasantly surprised when I changed my websites to Siteground.

One reason why Siteground is better is because of the speed. This site loads about twice as fast over there. That's right, Luthernet itself is not hosted on Siteground, since I have prepaid hosting accounts for my own websites. However, all my new clients sites are hosted with Siteground. It has the tools you'll want to have, more security, and the best service I've come across with a web host. Take it from someone who has dealt with dozens of hosting companies, whether mine or on behalf of clients: Siteground is one of if not the best hosting company out there.

The fact is that I can get one month of hosting if you sign up for hosting using the links. I could make a lot more cash promoting other hosts I've used. They pay more because they can't get honest reviews from people using the service. If you want to use Joomla or WordPress, Siteground has all the tools you'll need. I have not used the other available scripts, but it's a standard offering of all hosts. Siteground's customer service is what sets it apart from the similar hosts who charge a little less, and you will eventually need that service, so just pay a few dollars more up front to get it.

Or hire Luthernet and don't worry about which host is best.