If you've stumbled upon this website in search of website help but felt that you cannot use our services because you're not Lutheran, don't worry about it. You can still get a great new website with Brave New Church or Passive Ninja Web Design. You certainly don't have to be Lutheran or even a church at all to have an outdated website.

A test anyone with a website can do is role-playing: pretend to be a potential customer or church seeker, probably using a mobile device. How does the website look and behave? Is it even the first link on Google? Is it someplace you'd want to visit? Can you easily find it? Is there any current information?

You can also role-play as someone who is looking to prey on outdated websites. Is it an older version of a CMS? Are the email addresses readily available to scammers and spammers?

The last test would be to pretend you are a member or employee. Can you find pertinent information easily? Can you update the site? Would you want to share the link with friends?

If your website, Lutheran or otherwise, can pass all these tests, then you can probably just add some new photos and call it a day. If not, then Luthernet, Brave New Church, or Passive Ninja can help.