No, this is not a pat on the back for all Lutherans. And it's not an indictment telling Lutherans to figure it all out. This is an observation. Lutherans want to have services that follow rules, but some churches have stayed more traditional than others. No problem. Lutherans want to save or grow churches. Luthernet wants that to work for you. We want it so much that we are working just to stay above water in order to provide top-notch web services for Lutheran church, school, child care, and non-profit websites. It's all a simple process, you know it in your heart that this is a necessary expense if you are serious about maintaining or growing numbers.

Just look at the website the mega-church down the block has. That takes money and effort, but it also provides rewards. You do not have to be a web guru in order to at least have a good website that shows up on mobile devices. The problem is that initial step of finding the right person. Skip the committees and searching. Skip trying it yourself. Luthernet gets the domain, builds the site, and advises on how you can make it work. Most of the pages are static, meaning you change them once in a while. At least one section will be dynamic, meaning you need some content to get people to come back (or at least realize you still exist). More would be great, and we can do anything you want, but getting the basics set up for right around $500, $100 for hosting, and $20 for the domain renewal IS CHEAP.

My wife, Lisa Jaeger, thinks that I charge too little, and many of you are finding other web designers with forked tongues who charge a lot more for the same services. In fact, one of my non-church clients recently asked me about a web guy he met. When I looked at what was being offered, I'd built the Pro ($5000 to $9000) website for my friend for $1000. He never wondered if I was charging too little at the time because we knew each other. Well, consider the fact that we're all Lutherans my introduction. I am better than the $10,000 website builders for 1/10th the cost. My websites are faster and I give you full control.

Honestly, I just want to work. I can build beautiful websites fast, but I need you to make this plan pan out. Sure, I can join my friend in the financial industry and try to build $10,000 websites with him, and maybe I will have to do that once in a while, but if I can get one church every other week, I can make help a lot more people, and people I want to help.