Luthernet is currently sending out correspondences with all of the LCMS districts in order to see if those entities will at least add our services as a possibility when churches call for website advice. I know that Concordia has top-notch website solutions, and I have met some of their people, but that solution is not for every church. Bear in mind that an old website or a Facebook page is not the solution for ANY church, and that leaves smaller congregations to either build something in-house (with varying results) or find a qualified freelance web designer. As one South Wisconsin District employee says to churches, "I know a web guy." That's all we're looking for from LCMS districts. Each church can decide if that web guy is what they want, but at least help them find the guy.

Churches should also keep the communication lines open with the district and national organizations. I have seen way too many dead links to old websites or old email addresses. If your Lutheran church makes a change, make sure someone higher up (in the Lutheran Church) knows about it. You have a great opportunity because of the size of the organization. The links need to be maintained so that internet traffic (and new members) are directed properly. You may not realize how disconnected the younger generations feel when they don't get a response or when a website looks like it has not been updated in years, since most of their interactions are immediate. Use your local district, your contact information, and your website to help win over those who are seeking.