BPM at CCL is where I'd like to be this winter to tell you more about how to build your websites. Unfortunately, you have to sign up to lead breakout sessions in August (even though the form is still available in December), which means Luthernet will not be presenting at the Best Practices for Ministry Resources this winter. However, you can still learn more about inexpensive website design by contacting us directly. That way, you don't have to show up in Phoenix to hear someone else talk about the same thing. Actually, when I looked at last year's website-type offerings, just calling me to talk about web design would probably be much more interesting.

If you have a ministry that is looking for best practices in website design, then take a look at Outcome-Based Youth Ministry's website, which we designed. Or Lutheran Radio Church Service. You don't really have to travel to Arizona for a conference in order to figure out many of the best practices for your ministry, though many of you from northern climates might want to go anyhow. And there are probably some really awesome things to learn at the free conference, so be sure to sign up for some good ones. 

I might still go as an exhibitor, since I can sell my web design services just as much as offer a free breakout session for others to learn about web design. In fact, I can be more honest as an exhibitor, since I can tell you honestly that it's a better idea to hire me than to try to build a website all on your own. As a presenter, I would have tried to teach you how to work on your own website, which is great in theory. However, after the last time I presented at a similar conference, I checked some of the websites run by my audience members, and it was not like they really went home and used the best practices I'd recommended.

I hope to see some of you in Phoenix, assuming I might be there with my cheap business cards and Cranium Chromebook Cover. With snow on the ground today, a conference in the desert sounds pretty good right now.