Luther Memorial Chapel in Milwaukee needed a new website. The old one was a Joomla 1.5 build that had not been updated for many years. The staff continued to add content and keep it going, but certain parts were literally falling apart as the internet passed the technology by. We all ended up getting very lucky on this website, as I was able to keep all the old content, some of which had 30,000 hits over the years. Joomla is a great system, and if you have a 1.5 website, it's time to get it updated RIGHT NOW, since even this upgrade had the possibility of epic failure.

Because I was moving the host, the migration was even more complicated than a normal Joomla migration. I had to use some components on each website to copy the content and categories. Again, we were very lucky, but it worked. Since I live in Florida and have the weekday Disney pass, two of my workdays for Luther Memorial Chapel were also spent at theme parks with my kids. I got all the info I needed from the old host via text message while at Epcot, and it gave me something to do while waiting in lines. Since my websites can be edited from anywhere, I was later able to make changes to the website while at the Magic Kingdom. I don't normally work from Disney Parks, but it just goes to show how easy it really is to hire Luthernet. A day off is a day of work, and I don't hesitate to get the job done wherever I might be.

And the job got done in about a month, mostly due to lack of required info from the previous host. I did what I needed to do in about two weeks. Most websites will take less than a month for Luthernet to complete. This one was complicated, and it took some extra resolve, but it got finished, and now it's up and running like it should have been years ago.

If you have an older Joomla or Wordpress website that needs some TLC, you can learn how to do it, hire a big firm for thousands of dollars, or hire Luthernet to get it done right. Let me know.