The use of a testimonial can help your church or school because it shows viewers what current members think and feel about you. It shows that you build relationships with members. You can see how Luthernet worked with a local church on a testimonial video here.

The main idea is to just go ahead and make a video. Five to ten questions. Use free software to cut it, or hire Luthernet for an insanely low price. You don't need fancy titles or background music. You don't need it to be part of a capital campaign. You don't need a whole crew of videographers. Just good lighting, good audio, a good camera, and some editing.

If it's too much for your staff, just ask us how we can help. We usually charge $50 an hour, which is low for this industry. The good news is that we're fast. We know you want something usable now. The following video took about one day to cut. We also filmed it, so that would cost more, but we can also just do the cutting with what you have (in case you're not in Northeastern Florida). But before you outsource at all, read the article on Brave New Church linked above.