I don't really care much if anyone subscribes to my personal Youtube channel. I'm not going to meet the criteria for number of subscribers or number of hours watched in a year in order to make money on Youtube ads. Therefore, I don't necessarily care if anyone knows when I post a video. I'll tell people if I want them to know. Your church might want subscribers, but it's really the same kind of deal: you should embed videos you want others to see. If you religiously add a video a week of the sermon, then encourage subscription if you want. Otherwise, it's no big deal. However, I do think every Lutheran should have a default subscription to at least one source for that weekly sermon, and I'd recommend Lutheran Radio Church Service. 

You can go to the website to listen there, and I always encourage that sort of activity, since it's a website I developed. However, if you want to make sure you get the weekly sermons right there in your inbox, I'd suggest subscribing on Youtube. I was at my in-laws this past Sunday, and since they all slept in, we missed church. However, I was still able to listen to a full service in a half-hour after breakfast. 

I know from statistics that the website and Youtube channel get hits from all over the world, and I can also tell from those stats that young men tend to tune in. If you are a Lutheran away at college or in the military, the Lutheran Radio Church Service provides you with the opportunity to continue listening to the same kinds of church services you'd get at home, whether that's in an LCMS or WELS church. 

If you work for an LCMS or WELS church that does not publish a weekly sermon in an audio or video format, this is a great link to provide your congregation. It works well for shut-ins or for those who are on vacation, sometimes in an area without a Lutheran church at all. The point isn't to provide an alternative to your church. Rather, it's an opportunity to experience church on those weeks when attending services is not an option. 

As a writer myself, I assume that even pastors might get writer's block once in a while. The sermons on this website and Youtube channel can provide inspiration, perhaps. The archives run all the way back to August of 2013, and the website is fully searchable. For example, you could search "Mark 1" and choose "Exact Phrase." This would get you 19 hits on the website. The Youtube archives don't go back as far as the website archives, since the system was changed back in 2015.