My family was in search of an LCMS service to watch when our own church let us down with poor livestream quality (unwatchable). That's not to say we won't come back to watch in the future, but we were dismayed at that time. When my son did a search of online church, we ended up on a church website for megachurch out of Oklahoma, which seemed OK at first, but then Palm Sunday happened with no mention of Palm Sunday. 

I'll add some of the weekly LCMS church services here from my list of churches with which I work, along with a description of what you'll see. If you have one to add, contact me, especially if your church puts together a good contemporary service online so my kids will like it. 

Lutheran Radio Church Service offers searchable full church services made for the radio. I used YouTube to convert the audio into video so that you can play these services online. The audio is great, and it uses an excellent choir for both LCMS and WELS services. However, there are no new services being added. Here's a link to LCMS and WELS Easter services. 

Faith Sturtevant is showing services on Facebook, so when you go to the website, look for the embedded Facebook section. Audio is decent. No music. 

Emmanuel Adell has weekly services. I am currently adding the services as I get them, but you can also follow the link to the YouTube channel from the Services page. These services are kind of fireside chat with the pastor. No music, but short, full LCMS service. 

Grace Elkhart Lake has a list of electronic worship opportunities, as well as Facebook video of its own services. I like that the church added some other resources, especially in case the pastor has technical difficulties with his own posting. Audio is good on Facebook postings. No music, just the pastor. 

Luther Memorial Chapel is best for if you want to read the sermon or any of many past sermons online. 

Trinity Lake Placid has some past videos of worship, but it looks like the people who help with it may not be venturing out right now. You can get to the Facebook video by going to the blog page and looking for the embedded Facebook page. Audio isn't the best, but that might get better. Traditional music. 

Calvary Lutheran has YouTube services with some music, semi-contemporary (but only one or two songs).  

Christ the King is doing videos and drive-in services (if you're in the UP of Michigan). 

Faith Troy has a more contemporary vibe, if you're looking for that. Good audio and video. 

St. Luke's Oviedo has all the flavors of service, including the Fuel service that is maybe even beyond contemporary. Post-contemporary, maybe.

Concordia San Antonio seems to be about the speed of our family: contemporary but not as performance-centric as St. Luke's.