Using a content management system today is much easier than you might remember, especially if it's set up by a reputable web developer who understands your needs. Our basic method is to have a login page/link, use static pages for over half the site (that can be edited once logged in), and then use blogs for other categories. That's it. We take care of the rest. You will get contact emails, and you will have the right and permission to make more changes, but most of our clients never touch anything beyond the article editor.


With that in mind, a brief description of the editor should be given. It's a simple, yet feature-rich editing tool that you could compare to using Google Docs or Microsoft Word. That means you can add html, images, video, tables, and you have a lot of formatting options. However, it's not recommended that you change the font for every article or display 10mb photos in all of your articles. We can set up photo albums for photos, and you don't want your articles to drive people away in confusion.

What you want your articles to do is bring people to your site. The more original content you have about a specific topic, the higher you will generally rank. You can hire an SEO specialist to manipulate the words you use a bit, but a lot of it comes down to having the content in the first place. Keep writing. If you create a monthly newsletter, it should be online. That's a copy and paste job. Most of your content can be copied from other content you create. Letters to members or school parents. All of it. Or, you can write a one-paragraph note about something that's coming up or something that's happened. It all counts, it's easy, and it will make your website easier to find.

If you can remember your login, you can use the system LutherNet will set up for your church, school, or child care. While we can always make it more powerful and more complicated, we realize that not all institutions want more powerful right away, so we always start simple.